Top social media posts in 2020 for The San Antonio Express-News

I have grown the Express-News' year-over-year social media users by more than 60% so far in 2020, way higher than the average COVID social traffic bump (45%) of all publishers that used Chartbeat. I have polished our social media presence and strategy at a few critical moments, including:

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The COVID-19 evacuees arriving in San Antonio in February:

A hunger crisis due to the COVID-19 economic fallout:

Local business closures and compliance to (or violations of) the city's emergency order during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Visits to a few comfortable homes:

The changing local business landscape:

COVID-19 frontlines in San Antonio, including critically-ill patients and overworked doctors and nurses.

Fun stuff:

The Black Lives Matter movements and the relations between communities of color and the local law enforcement:

Diversity and inclusion:

Holding the powerful accountable:

Informing the public with critical info during the COVID-19 crisis:

A few heroes, well-known or unsung:

Following along the 2020 election, nationwide and locally:

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