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About Me 

I am a master of the king and queen of storytelling: content production and audience development. My proudest moments include:

- Lead a more than 60% year-over-year growth in social visits to the San Antonio Express-News, one third higher than the average bump in social visits of all publishers using Chartbeat

- Grow the San Antonio Express-News’ year-over-year social media follower by 18% as the only social media editor of the paywalled website

- Maintained a 0.15% interaction rate for NYU’s journalism innovation program on Twitter, three times the average for that platform

- Helped Barron’s, the world's prime investing publication, debut its presence on Reddit and strategize the platform from scratch

- Doggedly investigated a California-based charity as a part of a team project and received praises from Fast Company’s editors

- Oversaw the News Literacy 2018 series on the then-latest journalism innovation, from story ideation to social media promotion

- Won distinguished national and regional awards as a staff member of, one of the best online student news publications in the country

In sum, I engage the right audiences with the right stories on the right platforms at the right times and in the best ways.

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