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Reddit Makeover

Reddit is hard for news publishers to navigate through and known for suspicion about self-promotion. Reddit Makeover will help publishers optimize profiles and engage with Reddit users from scratch.

For my master’s capstone project, I worked with Barron’s editorial development, design and reporting teams and Reddit’s Media Partnerships team to help them build a presence on Reddit from scratch.

We made our customized avatar, cover image, wrote a short bio that conveys our mission and the value we will bring to Reddit communities. We just started participating (and will start to participate) in conversations on sub-Reddits that cover stock market changes of high tech companies, cryptocurrency, marijuana manufacturers and, when appropriate, discussions on our published articles that users shared on the platform. We also produced a story on Bitcoin investment, partly inspired and informed by comments from Redditors.

If you are new to Reddit, read the series step by step, as all of them are built on one another. Skipping one step will probably leave you confused when you read those after it. You can bookmark any article (if you are not logged in) or save it to your Medium account (if you are logged in) if you want to review it later. You can treat the guide as a workbook. Save it and refer back to it as you go through each of them to build a presence on Reddit.

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